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  • Is Messapica Negroamaro an every day wine?

Our Messapica DOC Salice Salentino produced by Negroamaro grapes is a complex, yet balanced and smooth wine. It is best with food, and so It works beautifully as an "every good day"  wine

  • What food is best with Messapica Negroamaro?

We recommend our Negroamaro with grilled red meats especially lamb, aged cheese and tomato based pastas. My father loves it with dark chocolate and on its own.

  • I am interested in having Messapica Negroamaro in my restaurant wine list. Do you distribute in England?

We have a distributor in England for restaurants and delicatessen, named "Vineyards direct". If you are a private consumer you can fill our purchase form

  • Can I order Messapica products from Europe, America, Asia?

Yes, you can! Just fill our purchase form indicating your country and the desired quantity and we will send you our best quotation including transport and duties

  • I am a private wine consumer and I want to buy Messapica products for me and my family. What is the best purchase quantity to save money on delivery?

Clever man! Fill our purchase form indicating your needs and we will advise you with the perfect quantity to save money on delivery

  • I want to come for my next holiday in Salento and visit Messapica vineyards and the surrounding crystal clear sea. Which is the closest airport?

Brindisi is the closest airport, only 25 minutes driving from our vineyards in San Pancrazio and Nardo. Bari airport is at 90 minutes drive. Email us if you are visiting and we can give you good tips!

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